Kurma Sadhana

Kurma Sadhana


The Kurma Sadhana is the fruit of years of research and belongs to the best yogagear worldwide.
The Kurma got a solid structure with a core and two different surfaces, that can be used at need. Designed for extreme forces for long periods of time it improves its quality day by day - for the span of a yogalife.

Colours: Burgundy, Dark Blue, Olivegreen.

Thickness: ca. 6.5mm

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Kurma Sadhana Olive Green ps60

Kurma Sadhana Olive Green ps60..

640kr Ex Tax: 512kr

Kurma Sadhana Olive Green ps72

Kurma Sadhana Olive Green ps72..

775kr Ex Tax: 620kr

Kurma Sadhana Purple ps60

Kurma Sadhana Purple ps60..

640kr Ex Tax: 512kr

Kurma Sadhana Purple ps66

Kurma Sadhana Purple ps66..

640kr Ex Tax: 512kr



588kr Ex Tax: 470kr

Planet Sadhana Mörkröd ps60

Planet Sadhana Mörkröd ps60..

640kr Ex Tax: 512kr

Planet Sadhana Mörkröd ps66

Planet Sadhana Mörkröd ps66..

640kr Ex Tax: 512kr

Yoga mat Komfort Black 200x100

Yoga mat Komfort Black 200x100..

950kr Ex Tax: 760kr

Yogamatta Kurma Svart 180x66

Yogamatta Kurma Svart 180x66..

590kr Ex Tax: 472kr

Yogamatta Kurma Svart 200x80

Yogamatta Kurma Svart 200x80..

750kr Ex Tax: 600kr

Kurma, Sadhana